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Sustainable safety and early warning: Teloplan fire detection systems.

Reliable protection for your company buildings or public spaces of any size always needs individual demands and special requirements. Especially when it comes to the subject of fire protection. In addition to different safety standards and technical issues, numerous standards, laws as well as official inspections are often required when installing fire alarm systems.



Effective and permanently safe protection through modern fire protection systems.

A fire alarm system is a hazard alarm system that detects and reports fire and flames at an early stage. The automatic or non-automatic sensors connected to the control centre are always active. An extinguishing system can also be connected to a fire detection system, which is monitored and triggered by it.


In close cooperation with your responsible security personnel, we will develop the optimal safety solution and install the perfect fire detection system for your properties. During the implementation of commonly adopted measures, we not only observe our tasks but also comply with the parameters you must meet in accordance with DIN ISO 9001. Thus, you can fully rely on us and Teloplan all-round service package!


Short circuits, cable burns or even a coffee machine that has now been switched off: Fires can have many different causes. Regardless of that, one thing is always essential in an emergency: a professional and detailed fire map.


Fire detector service maps are used by the fire brigade as a route description from the location of the fire detection centre or display panel to the location of the fire detector.


The front of the fire detector service map gives information about the fastest way from the common position to the place of operation. The rear side depicts the place of operation in detail with detector names and numbers. The fire detector service maps are prepared in consultation with the local fire brigade.



Teloplan's offer in the area of fire detection service maps:


  • Production according to requirements of the responsible fire brigade
  • All formats and processing methods
  • Laminated or in clear plastic sleeves
  • Stored in card slots or folders

In case of fire or any other emergency situation, it is sometimes a matter of minutes or even seconds, which can determine the extent of damage or, in the worst case, life and death. Fire brigade emergency plans are used to be able to initiate life-saving measures within a very short time. The fastest possible access to relevant information is therefore of great importance.


We develop fire brigade organisation systems, which offer maximum orientation without loss of time. Teloplan fire brigade plans are highly appreciated by fire brigades because of their logical layout and clear structure. This is because the DIN 14095 is used as a factual basis for the development of plans, not as a template.


Our goal is simple: We want to create the best fire service plans. Custom for each property. In close consultation with the responsible fire brigade. The plans need to comply with their responsibility to save lives.



Structure of the fire safety plan:



Graphic part


  • General plan
  • Detailed plans (plans by floor or horizontal/vertical fire sections)
  • 3-D visualisation
  • Property photographs (partly incorporated into plans) 



Written portion


  • Emergency plan
  • Places and persons to be informed
  • Hazardous substances
  • Information on structural fire protection
  • Information on organisational fire protection


According to §55 of the Workplace Ordinance and §18 VBG 125, escape and rescue plans have to be set up for every workplace (with few exceptions). Much more important than this legal requirement, however, is the employer's responsibility towards its employees. That is why prepare escape and rescue routes in a high-quality finish (600 dpi, non-tear synthetic paper) in all common sizes up to DIN A0. You will receive your plans in a special frame or casing for the particular area of application.


Teloplan's ranges of service in the area of escape and rescue plans:


Frames or casings


  • Cut plexiglass with high-quality chrome spacers
  • Aluminium frames with anti-glare protective screens
  • Wooden frames, matching your interior
  • Sizes from DIN A5 to DIN A0
  • Laminate (UV protection)
  • Tear-resistant synthetic paper (UV protection)
  • Photoluminescent
  • Backlit



Service from a single source


  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Coordination with local fire brigades
  • Assembly

Each fire brigade will have its own technical requirements for connecting fire alarm systems. They define the technical conditions necessary to plan and install a fire detection system in accordance with DIN 14675. The same applies to maintenance.

The appropriate technical connection requirements are provided by local authorities, cities, or local fire local fire brigades. A list is available here.


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Highest security for Europe's largest shopping centre: We developed a reliable system of modern fire alarm systems for the CentrO.



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