Einbruchmeldeanlagen bei Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft

On the safe side with Teloplan.

Burglaries, thefts, robberies, and vandalism increasingly pose a threat to the security of people and valuable assets. No matter whether it's a corporate, public, or private building. Since the consequences can often be substantial, it is very important to think about risks and weaknesses. 



Comprehensive protection against unauthorised access through high-quality intrusion alarm systems.

When speaking of alarm systems, one usually means intrusion alarm systems with the option of reporting robberies. They cannot prevent a burglary or an attack, but they can automatically or manually report to a security company via a telephone dialler. However, if the perpetrators see that a building has an alarm system, they will have to weight the chances of being caught.


The criminal police provide information on the extent of security measures needed for private households and businesses. Mechanical weak points on doors and windows are assessed, because a high mechanical period of resistance stops many perpetrators from carrying out their plans. A list of registered professional installers is available at the advice centres.


Both police and the VdS  have issued clear guidelines on the scope and installation of intruder alarm systems for households and industrial sectors. 



Increase the frequency of security: with innovative wireless alarm systems.Modern alarm systems are primarily used as wireless alarm systems when buildings are not only to be operated safely and reliably but also comfortably and user-friendly. With our wireless solutions for the 21st century.



Easy installation and modern design:


  • Modular system for individual and economical solutions  
  • Reliable and user-friendly
  • High safety standard according to EN 50131 Class 2
  • 3 year battery life 



State-of-the-art technology


Particularly narrowband and high-quality radio transmission in the 868 MHz frequency range for a radio range of up to 600 m outdoors.



Communication modules - Optional equipment for remote access and notification LAN:


  • Ethernet & PSTN GSM/GPRS communication module
  • Fixed network communication module for the transmission of voice messages 



User control:


  • Up to 50 transponder cards/tags
  • Up to 50 user codes (codes and transponders can be combined for even higher security)
  • Control by radio remote controls
  • Remote access via mobile phone or the internet 



Features of the control panel:


  • Programmable event notification by SMS and/or telephone
  • Detailed alarms to a reception point provided as a digital log report at scheduled service times 


The Oasis System not only protects the building but also vehicles when parked nearby (simply by pressing the A key on the keyboard) using optional glass breakage or movement sensors. In addition, a module can be integrated into the vehicle to control further applications.