Really sounding the alarm in an emergency: Teloplan warning systems.

Every system, however sophisticated, remains inefficient if the warning is not clearly visible and, above all, audible. Public address systems are an important aspect of any security plan. Public address systems are used wherever people have to be evacuated safely and quickly during an emergency or whenever material assets have to be secured. 



High-quality public address systems (PA) send out systematic warnings.

We have been partnering with ela-soft for several years in this field. We have mainly used the SIMAX professional emergency warning system. We create precise plans and assemble the best technical components to meet VDE 0828 / DIN EN 60849:


  • Automatic status display
  • Automatic fault monitoring of loudspeaker lines, power supplies, microphones, and amplifiers
  • Back-up power systems
  • Measurement of system parameters and verification of intelligibility
  • Detailed system documentation
  • Maintenance contracts 



Main fire station, Mülheim an der RuhrWe provided a professional voice alarm system in the main fire station building in Mülheim an der Ruhr. 



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