Flucht-und Rettungswegsteuerung by Teloplan

Holistic protection and individual security: Teloplan.

You are doubly secured with professional escape and rescue route controls. On the one hand, this guarantees maximum protection for people or material assets and also prevents unauthorised entry. On the other hand, it ensures that the protected buildings can be left safely, quickly, and easily via clearly designated escape routes. 



Intelligent control and innovative technology for escape and emergency route control.

At the heart of each system is an escape door control unit, which is checked by the building inspectorate; The electric escape door locks can be opened in the event of danger. The emergency exits can be secured, checked, locked and opened in case of panic using a compact escape door control terminal in accordance with legal requirements. These terminals can be connected to control panels and can be extended by comprehensive door monitoring. Individually coordinated components also fulfil the highest of requirements and support the escape door control connection to other elements of the building's control technology. This allows PC-based monitoring and control of all access points as well as automatic communication to the safety centre in case of danger. An escape and emergency route control usually consists of the following system components:


  • Panic locks and fittings
  • Escape door locks and controls
  • Rescue and escape route plans
  • Highly visible, fluorescent path markings and emergency lighting
  • Smoke extraction and smoke outlet systems



Individual requirements and hazardous situations also require special demands on modern escape and rescue systems: Teloplan offers you the best solution for all properties, whether office buildings, department stores or industrial plants, schools, nurseries or event facilities, airports, or hospitals. In other words, the right system for every safety requirement!