Home-Security von Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft

Safe in your home, too, with Teloplan.

Being able to sleep peacefully and leave your home for the day or on holiday without worries and knowing that the people and things that are dear to you are safely protected will help you feel secure. We make sure of that. 



You will not only feel safe with our individual security systems, you will actually also be safer with them.

However, since not only individual concerns and actual security, but also budgets vary and because there is so much security technology on offer out there, you are sure to have many questions when planning home security systems:


What do you really need? Which manufacturer? What's useful and what's not?


That's why we always provide a detailed, professional consultation before starting work. Our employees perform a non-binding analysis of the weak spots in your home's security and suggest appropriate solutions. Whether burglar, emergency, or fire alarms, we will find a tailor-made security solution for your home. Before you order, you will know exactly what measures are appropriate, which systems you will really be needing, and what the investment in your security will cost you. And we stick to that. No surprises.