Service by Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft

High-tech solutions are part of our service, obviously.

As a specialist for professional security technology in the commercial sector, every project for us is also always about setting new standards for our clients with innovative solutions. In doing so, we not only use this in all areas of the deployed technology, but also during service. To achieve high-quality planning and installation of technically sophisticated systems, we also offer a high degree of innovation regarding service.



Digital solutions for accurate and fast operations on the spot.  

Teloplan clients can rely on high-tech solutions for every phase of a project. Thanks to our own CAD/documentation department, you will receive documents such as fire detector service maps, fire brigade emergency plans or escape and rescue plans directly from us. Moreover, our experienced experts on-site can also rely on state-of-the-art technology: Thanks to innovative PDS software, they have access to all order and technical details via digital media at any time. This saves time and paper.


The tremendous increase in demands regarding planning, commercial and organisational areas, as well as our own high standards, to be a catalyst on the subject of service, were the main reasons for the use of PDS software. 


It provides Teloplan with a powerful tool that helps all employees of the company; from the project manager, who plans and monitors the construction site via the quotation department, equipped with the most modern interfaces, who always has the latest data when making calculations, to local employees, whose day-to-day reporting and documenting tasks are made easier with digital media and the software. Order documents can be confirmed by digital signature directly on tablets, for example, and can be sent to the administration online -  to the client as well as to us. 


Added value for Teloplan clients: more efficient, more accurate and above all faster processing!