Störmeldesysteme von Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Various ways of transmission, simply safe: Teloplan fault monitoring systems.

Comprehensive building management can easily reach a few thousand inputs. We start with four and then adjust according to your needs. Automatic and remote controls. It is entirely up to you: either you leave the fully automatic logic controls of your building systems to our devices or you can respond manually by remote access. For example, when securing an entrance from a far-off location or when closing a window as well. We work closely with you to analyse which products best meet your individual needs.  



State-of-the-art technology ensures reliable communication of incidents.

The Products


We offer two transmission product lines to choose from:

  • MS DIGIFON and





Numerous options to keep things secure: our devices already offer an extensive range of transmission routes (networks), alarm formats, and interfaces:

  • Networks: ISDN in all variants, cellular, internet, and intranet
  • Alarm formats: 42 formats, from webSMS to email
  • Appropriate interfaces are taken into account during planning and installation





Intelligent concepts, maximum flexibility: the DIGIFON product line offers all options with up to 249 telephone numbers to implement your individual alarm strategy. This way allows the device to notify an alternative recipient automatically if the first recipient does not respond.