Ready to catch alarms at Mülheim's main fire station.

Where they receive an average of 82 runs a day, which equals 3.4 per hour. These figures were one of the reasons for the construction of Mülheim's new main fire station in 2010. They made the urgency clear by extending the system in order to continue being able to react optimally to in emergency situations. 



Covering 20,000 m², the new main fire station and fire brigade/rescue training centre holds 80 first-responder vehicles and about 200 employees at a time. Since the fire brigade has to rely on professional and reliable safety technology, Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH was commissioned to design, supply and install a voice alarm system consisting of a total of 280 loudspeaker lines in A/B cabling. The overall system is equipped with the necessary interfaces, monitoring speaker lines, interfaces, language storage, error logging, and a fibre optic connection for a spatially outsourced alternative control centre to reduce cable routes. Part of the task was the voice alarm sounding an evacuation of the fire station itself, since it, too, can catch fire. For Mülheim's main fire station, this meant integrating voice message files to be triggered by the alarm server as well as individual functions for the quiet rooms. Likewise, connecting a telephone system in the PA system was required to be able to make announcements from a telephone in-house at any time. 


In summary, one can say that the challenge of the project was the multitude of interconnected processes and large number of possible variants. These required an extremely large number of interfaces, which had to be surveyed and defined in the planning phase. Demands and requirements, which can only be mastered with a great deal of experience and effort in detail, as well as first-class and flexibly configurable technology. 


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