Vista by Teloplan

VISTA: Where the view becomes the programme – Electrical installations for a luxury class office building

We demand the best quality for every project: But at VISTA in Frankfurt am Main (Hesse), the building company (Groß & Partner, Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH) already set the bar as high as possible and established high quality standards in the tender. The result was a luxury class office building. 



The background is that more and more companies are paying attention to where they work. The employees have to feel comfortable at the workplace, the rooms must be able to be changed flexibly, and the building must meet high ecological standards. VISTA in Frankfurt's banking district is considered a green building and is also an exceptionally high-class one.



VISTA by Teloplan
VISTA by Teloplan


The new building on Mainzer Landstrasse 36 has around 7,600 sqm of rental space on eight floors with above-average ceiling height. The top floor is 3.25 m in height with the feel of a penthouse - and access to the roof terrace. The name ("Vista" means "view") certainly applies here. But terraces facing the inner courtyard with old trees are also available on all other floors.


The order included electrical installation (heavy current and low current) with a volume of € 2.3 million, including amendments. We installed


  • 800 lights (mainly Hatec and Tecnolight),
  • 1,000 data connections RJ45 (LEONI Kerpen),
  • 77 km of NYM lines (1.5 - 10 mm²), and
  • 40 km of data cable (Megaline F10-140, LEONI Kerpen).


In addition, we were responsible for the fire alarm system, emergency power system, BOS radio system, access control, and barrier system. In total, the construction period ran from December 2015 to March 2017.




VISTA by Teloplan



The principal tenant today is the law firm Beiten Burkhardt, which operates worldwide and also works at night due to time zones. Elomech Elektroanlagen GmbH and Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, from the ELOMECH Group, worked on site.


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