April 2022

School visit

School visits the ELOMECH-Gruppe: In the course of the Occupational Field Exploration Days of the Gesamtschule Borbeck in Essen, we welcomed 25 pupils of the 8th grade to our ELOTechnikum. In addition to information about the training opportunities at the ELOMECH-Gruppe, there was a practical task and something to win in our training workshop. We hope the insight into our company was fun!

January 2022

Guests from Jordan

The Hans-Sachs-Berufskolleg in Oberhausen works internationally: the school and the “German Jordanian Center of Excellence” cooperate with Jordanian teachers and students and foster a professional exchange in the field of solar and energy technology. With the support of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a delegation of technical teachers from Jordan visited the school in Oberhausen. Headmaster Marc Bücker also wanted to present the ELOTechnikum, the educational center of the ELOMECH Gruppe, as a positive example of a high standard of education. During a guided tour, the arabian guests were visibly enthusiastic.

September 2021

Trainees 2021

With 42 young apprentices as electronics technicians, office management businessmen and technical system planners, we are starting the new training year. We are proud to have been able to inspire so many young people for the ELOMECH-Gruppe despite the difficult circumstances. We are looking forward to the coming weeks and months and wish everyone a good start in their professional lives.

April 2021

Support for the Friedensdorf

Together with Hekatron Technik GmbH, Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft wants to support the work of Friedensdorf International e. V. in Oberhausen with a generous donation. Thomas Waese, managing partner of Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, has known the Friedensdorf for a long time: “The Friedensdorf has been with me for more than 20 years – and is really a matter of the heart for me. I have already carried out numerous orders and taken over projects here. ” Most recently, Teloplan was responsible for the complete renewal of the fire detection system on the site, the work of which was completed at the beginning of the year. In order to support the Friedensdorf in addition to the contract, Teloplan was able to acquire the system partner Hekatron. Hekatron, a supplier of products and services for fire protection systems, made a donation of 7,000 euros worth of in-house pipelines, which Teloplan was able to use as a builder and maintainer of the fire alarm technology in the Friedensdorf Oberhausen. In addition, Teloplan donated 5,000 euros to the work of the association.