Über Uns by Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft

Professional security.

Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH is a specialist in security systems and plans, and it installs and maintains all aspects of building security: fire alarm systems, intruder alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, building management systems and more. We are trusted by business clients from all sectors, from production companies via warehouses and administration to public service providers.



Teloplan: engineers, technicians and installers hand in hand.

"Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft Planning and Installation" - this claim is no coincidence and describes our strength: We are not "only" a planning office with all HOAI performance phases 1 - 9, but our installers and technicians can also install and maintain everything. This saves time and professionalises all levels of service. Installers/technicians have a direct connection to the engineer; On the other hand, engineers also experience what has proven on site years after installation.



It works: Because we coordinate everything


Our special strength is that "everything simply works" with the client. Low current/safety engineering is highly complex and requires many experts. They all work hand in hand with us. The result of this interplay is a highly professional security which is at best unobtrusive to the user.



Competence means: non-proprietary


Teloplan is not affiliated with any manufacturer. The advantage for our clients is obvious: We know the strengths and weaknesses of the various manufacturers and systems. Within the scope of intensive consulting and planning, as well as feasibility studies, we can develop the highest-quality, cheapest, most economical, practical solution according to client requirements.



High-tech: thoroughly


We do not just sell safety technology - we love technology. This is evident in many areas. Thanks to our own CAD/documentation department, our clients receive, for example, all relevant documents, such as fire service maps, fire service plans, escape & rescue routes directly from us. Moreover, on-site experts have access to all order and technical details at any time thanks to state-of-the-art ERP software (PDS) via tablets. This saves a lot of time and paper: For example, order documents can be confirmed by digital signature directly on the tablet, and can go online to the administration - to the client and to Teloplan.



Personal: Present at the location


With all the technology: Ultimately, it is the professionalism and experience of our installers and technicians who guarantee the safety of the client and their facilities. For this, we offer every conceivable service, from our 365/24/7 fault-clearing service to long-term monitoring of the deadline, e.g. every 3 years according to test regulations for the re-examination of fire detection systems. Here, Teloplan assumes the role of a competence centre in the field of security services for the entire ELOMECH Group and, of course, for our clients. Teloplan is part of the ELOMECH Group, which is part of Eiffage, a French construction group formed through the merger of medium-sized companies. 



Commitment that goes beyond day-to-day work: sponsoring.

Whatever we develop, plan and implement: It is always about people. We want to make their lives as safe as possible and thus help to improve quality of life. We, therefore, support the people who are particularly close to us outside our entrepreneurial doings: the people of the region.



People at the centre of things: our commitment to the region.

For a company like ours, which is closely linked to its region, it is not an obligation to support the people close to us - it is our responsibility! That is why we have been dedicating ourselves for many years with a great deal of energy and a lot of passion to the region, where we come from and where we are at home. We take pleasure in helping local sports clubs wherever we can and with all means at our disposal.

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