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Certificates, approvals, approvals, concessions.

Low current/safety engineering are highly sensitive areas. Appropriate certificates, concessions and approvals are self-evident for Teloplan. You can obtain information concerning Teloplan certifications at TÜV Rheinland via the web link www.certipedia.com and by entering our ID number 9105022914.



DIN 14675


DIN 14675: 2012 

("Fire safety standard")

A must when accepting and maintaining fire alarm systems


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ISO 9001


DIN ISO 9001: 2015

Quality standard

Quality processes for

Client Satisfaction


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ISO 45001


DIN EN ISO 45001

Occupational and health protection management system


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ISO 14001


DIN ISO 14001:2015

Environmental management focusing on CO₂ emissions and materials management


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Exceptional license "Engineer in craft trade"


Teloplan was founded in 1993 by Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Waese as a handicraft business. The necessary exemption was granted. To date, the strong connection between engineering and craftsmanship is a strength of Teloplan. Engineering services are planned in accordance with HOAI's performance phases 1-9.



Quality means client satisfaction!


Quality depends on how it's defined. Therefore, we define our quality processes from the bottom upwards: from client satisfaction. In 2002, Teloplan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH was first certified according to the quality standard DIN ISO 9001 and has since then been regularly checked and recertified.



Fire safety standard: compulsory in the area of ​​fire alarm systems


A valid certificate according to DIN 14675 ("fire-safety standard") is obligatory for companies and engineering offices that offer planning, design, assembly and installation, commissioning, acceptance and maintenance of fire alarm systems. Teloplan was first certified according to DIN 14675 (according to the guidelines of VdS 2095). 


Also important in the BMA area:


  • To maintain the certificate, quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is required, which Elomech has been able to prove since 1996.
  • Teloplan has an installation license DIN 14675 for the installation of fire alarm systems (all phases) for the brands NSC, NOVAR/Honeywell, Siemens Algorex, NOTIFIER, GE Security and Hekatron.
  • Teloplan compiles fire detector service cards according to DIN 14675 in accordance with the requirements of the responsible fire brigade.
  • Teloplan creates fire brigade emergency plans according to DIN 14095.
  • Teloplan creates escape and rescue plans according to BGV A8 (DIN 14096).



Detection systems: Telecommunications permit


Teloplan has a telecommunications permit for the trade.



Occupational health and safety: for our employees


Teloplan - these are people who work and render services. We can only satisfy our clients permanently if our employees are healthy and satisfied. Therefore, Teloplan has introduced the labour and health protection management system according to OHSAS 18001:2007 and was certified for the first time in 2011 with it.

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